And again about the price of new construction in Perm

The average price of newly Perm for the second week of November rose slightly – 1.6%. Thus, the cost of 1 sq. M. Meters of residential property in the primary market as of mid-November is 49, 620 rubles. Since the beginning of the year the increase was slightly less than 1% (from 49 241 rubles per 1 sq. M.). This is due to price increases of 3 (2.3%) and 4 (2.7%) areas of Perm (Razgulay neighborhoods, Daniliha, Novoplosky, bright, garden, park, Eranichi, Balatovo, Town Hill). Despite the increase in the average value of the average in most areas (1, 2, 5, 6, 9) was a reduction in prices. “Perhaps this was for the following reason: when the end of October in the central areas of housing under construction on large discounts are offered, this wave were covered and the surrounding area (including 3 and 4), – said Head of ICG analysts ‘Reason’ Julia Ipanova. – But in these areas the cost per square meter has been overstated considerably less than in 1 and 2. So now observed the reverse process. Such oscillations observed whenever sellers setting prices, grope market. ” The largest decrease (-5.3%) recorded in the neighborhoods adjacent to the center (zone 2 – neighborhoods Ostrovsky, Sverdlov, Gromov), where the price of new construction continues to remain high. Thus, the cost of 1 sq. M. M in the middle of November 2008 amounted to 66, 220 rubles. At the beginning of the month in this area average price per square meter. M was 69, 961 rubles. Since the beginning of the year prices have fallen nearly 11%. We recall in this zone for the majority of buildings in the final stages of construction. According to Julia Ipanovoy, it is because the number of buyers who have money, it becomes less and less, and the need for developers in the “real” money is. In the first zone (districts Center, Center 1, Center 2) also decreased the price by almost 4% from 58 384 to 56 117 rubles per 1 sq. M. M The reason for this Ipanova Julia calls a price reduction on a square. Meters in homes far from the date (the end of 2009, 2010), whereas the value of homes handed over to the more stable. Average cost of 1 sq. M. M on the secondary housing market continues to decline gradually in almost all areas – 1% for the week and is 58 910 rubles. The maximum decrease (-2.54% was noted in most neighborhoods separated by the city of Perm (the mill, Golovanov, Small rivers, Golovanovsky, Bath Hill, Zaozerye, One, Timkin, Turbines, Industrial Area, Kama valley, bare promontory Novobrodovsky, New Lyady, C / s Experimental Station, Chusov.vodozabor). “These areas are less attractive to buyers who have taken a wait – says the analyst. – For the same money, for which it was possible to purchase a house just on the outskirts of the city, most likely it will be possible to find more lucrative option.

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